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Okay, so. It seems that I should more often be clueless as to what I'm doing, because my plans for this art were quite different, I have to say. The best pieces (for me) are the ones from when I was completely lost and frustrated.

Eudaimon's story gave me so much to work with that I ended up basically overwhelmed by all the colors and places, and feelings. What is important? Don't let the summary fool you. When I first read it, I was stunned. And, also, I ran to tell [livejournal.com profile] pjvilar that it's not the fic I expected to read. It's still accurate:

And uh, I expected... something else? From the summary? Because it's just like The Social Network. It's a movie about Facebook, and Facebook is the last thing it's actually about. That's what happened here. It's about travelling and backpacking, but yeah. There are things that come first.

As you can see, both my English and as you'll see in a moment (or already have if you just ignored my rambling, that's okay, I'm not mad) photoshop skills got better since last year (well, okay, a little, but it counts!). I still have a feeling that there's so much more to the story than I managed to show, but I promise that I've been trying to do my best.

Title: Lost Books of the Odyssey
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eudaimon
Fandom: Generation Kill
Characters/Pairings: Brad/Nate, Nate/Ray, Doc Bryan/OFC
Rating: NC17
Summary: Brad is a rock music photographer looking for a change. After getting his heart broken, he goes backpacking across Europe, with barely more than his camera to guide him. He meets Nate, a student who has lost his focus and struck out searching answers. The journey brings them together and changes them both. It's a myth, of sorts.

Here is the masterpost.

Without further ado:


And, last but not least, Ruth, thank you for working together and for being so understanding when it came to my weird approach to the whole thing :D


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